Art Case Galleries Sdn Bhd which was founded in 1993 has established a reputation for its innovative selection of local works of art. The collection which is updated constantly comprises original works in acrylic, oil and watercolour; pen/ink/charcoal drawings; limited edition etchings, mono-prints and screen-prints; contemporary weaving and interesting three-dimensional sculpture pieces. The gallery also carries a unique collection of textural glass works by Raja Azhar Idris, managing director and owner of Art Case Galleries.

Works by established artists like Sharifah Fatimah, Khalil Ibrahim, Rafiee Ghani, Ismail Latiff, Johari Said, Shafie Hassan, Azman hilmi and Raja Azhar Idris and many more can be viewed at Art Case. The gallery offers a personalised service in the installation, display and selection of works and has an established reputation for commissioning works for both the private and corporate sectors.

Art Case Galleries also specializes in quality framing, art conservation, fumigation and restoration. Raja Azhar Idris is not only a multi-talented artist; he is also a professional art consultant, a passionate teacher and a qualified art restorer who honed his skills in Australia.

Since Raja Azhar’s venture into the world of glass in 1997, his unique kiln-formed glass creations have been commissioned by esteemed corporate companies as well as high profile individuals. At Art Case Galleries, we offer a wide range of glass works. They include specially tailored glass corporate gifts, wall and table decorative, wall and free standing sculptures, and highly exclusive glass jewelleries made of ‘American Glass’, to name a few.

In addition, Art Case Galleries provides art classes for students from the age of 13. Classes conducted art fine arts of all facets and glass making. One can opt to study only one medium or all, depending on one’s interest. Classes are conducted in a group but each student is guided individually according to his/her specific needs.


Raja Azhar Idris is a full-time professional painter, a metal sculptor and a glass sculpture artist. He graduated with a degree in fine arts from the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. From 1980 to 1981, he was the recipient of the St. Kilda Art Prize Award, Lord Mayor of Melbourne and the Victorian Artists’ Society “Artist of the Year” award.

Raja Azhar ventured into the intricate media of glass making in 1999. In order to improve his knowledge in this area, he became a member of the renowned Ausglass Association of Australia which organizes workshops and conferences for glass enthusiasts which are hosted by experts in the multi-faceted techniques of glass making.

Each piece of glass work is personally designed and handcrafted by the artist himself. The technique used is referred to as kiln-formed (glass) and employs the methods of fusing (pieces of glass permanently attached to each other) and slumping (the curved shape).

From original concept to finished work, no mechanical devices are used. Raja Azhar takes pride in every piece of his glass creations that is guaranteed original and exclusive.


Shareena Shahridan is the founder of KACHA and also wife to renowned Malaysian painter and glass artist Raja Azhar Idris. A graduate in Marketing from Tenaga Nasional University, Shareena started venturing into glass work under the tutelage of Raja Azhar Idris in 2008. After years of experimenting with glass and after having successful group exhibitions, she chose to specialize in glass jewelleries because it is where her passion, talent and skills are most prominent. The brand KACHA was launched in 2013 carrying the tagline “Uniquely You”. Shareena is confident that there is much potential for KACHA glass jewelleries in Malaysia. Majority of Malaysians today are becoming more receptive and adventurous to new ideas, especially in fashion and accessories.  KACHA glass jewelleries offer a vast range of collection to suit every woman’s personality and style.

Shareena is very passionate about local handmade products and in the near future, her aim is to collaborate with other local handmade artists to create more innovative products that can appeal not only locally but also internationally.